Betjee Affiliate is a partnership program that allows you to get a commission on every player you invite to play in Betjee website.

No, our Betjee Affliate partnership program is 100% Free.

You just have to fill up the sign up form and wait for the approval of your application.

As an affiliate, you are not allowed to play or place wagers using an Affiliate account. If you want to play you have to register and use your player account to be able to play or place wagers.

As an affiliate, you are not allowed to have a multiple account.

Our affiliates can earn up to than 40% commission.

Our website provides an online stats available for you 24hrs. a day, 7 days a week. All you have to do is to just Log in with your affiliate username and password in our affiliate website and see how much you already earned and see other relevant stats.

As a Betjee Affiliates, you are responsible for promoting Betjee website, banners, tracking e-mails other communications and Invite them to try our website.

Your commission percentage is generated by monthly net loss of the players and number of active players within the month.

Your commission is calculated monthly. We give the affiliates commission every 1st day of the month and not later that 7th day of the month.

Please contact our customer service that is available 24hrs a day, 7days a week.

Click the 3 lines on the upper left of your account then click the Material. You will see all the links you have, but if you don’t have links yet just click create. Then you can create your own link.

Guides on how create your affiliate links.-Domain

  • com (you don’t have to change this)


  • (Anything you like, can be your name or just the name of landing page)

-Landing page

  • (This is where you want your player to go directly in our page, for example the player wants to sign up, just pick the sign up.)


  • (Any color you want for your QR code, can be customized)

This is the link you will give to your player so that they will go in your line. When they click the link they will go directly on wherever the designated landing page is.

Sure. See the table below

Your monthly active player

Total net profit (players contribution)

Revenue Share

Your commission





You must have a minimum of 5 active players to get your commission. You cannot get your commission if your active player is below 5.

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